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August 30, 2012
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Part 3-  Zeroro's POV

I've been trying to hold back tears since that moment. I'ts hard.

I mean, I kissed him. I just wanted to so badly... I couldn't help it! And now he hates me! He's probably disgusted, we're both boys, why do I feel like this? He's just the only one that ever cared; He remembers my name. He's nice to me. He let me come to him for help and i blew it. Now he hates me forever! I... why did I do that? I'm such an idiot!

I turned and looked at him. He saw me and faced the other way. See? He still hates me. It was so awkwardly silent the entire walk there. When we finally got to the door, we saw Garuru-dono again. He was on the phone.

"Alright, Outo-san. I'll tell him. I'll see you then." He looked dissapointed. He then saw us.

"I've finished alerting all of your parents of what happened. Please go into the room and take a seat." We all headed into the room, anxious at what our fate would be. Me especially. I was so cold.... why couldn't they let me sleep a bit more?

"Giroro, may I speak to you in private a second?"

Giroro went back out to speak with his brother. The three of us left entered the room. There were two rows of five chairs. Four were already taken. All of the other trainees were younger than us, but not by much. The yellow and red tadpoles may have been a year or two younger than us. The black and orange tadpoles were several years younger, probably just recruited. I sit down at the first-row seat closest to the door. Then Keroro, followed by Pururu, leaving an empty chair in between us and the yellow tadpole.

A few minuites later, Giroro came in and sat down next to Keroro.

"Hey, cutie.~ ku ku!" The yellow one said and put his arm around Giroro.

"Wha- Hey! Get off me! Who do you think you are?" Oh no, Giroro was really mad now... was it all because of me? I  couldn't hold back the tears any longer. I cried quietly though. I was too embarrased. And also a little jealous... why am I so jealous, i'm never jealous! The stress must be taking a toll on me, thats what...

"I'm Kururu, deary. And who are you?"

"Hmph. Why does it matter. And don't call me that, creep."

Keroro snickered. I didn't find it funny at all, I was upset by it. My crying got a little louder.

"Well, looks like no one else is coming in today. I'm Shivava, one of the regulars, like Kururu. What're you guys in for?" Said the red one in the back row.

"Um, we stole some weapons and had a water fight." Keroro said.

"Heh, that's pretty cool. But not as cool as what I did! Ha!" Shivava replied.

"I'm Tamama! I'm normally really nice but someone snuck in some candy and I got jealous, desu!"

The yellow one is Kururu, the black one is Tamama, and the red one is Shivava. I have a pretty good memory. It's ironic that I remember their names but no one... no one remembers... me.....
I started crying again. My eyes got puffy and the tears started streaming down my face.

"Hmph. The names Tororo. And I wouldn't even be in here if it weren't for the Yellow Bastard."

"You deserve it for your failure squirt. Next time don't be so annoying, and maybe read 'Hacking for Dummies'."

"Ugh, just SHUT UP! I'll punch you again if I have to!" Tororo and Kururu continued to fight.

"Settle down! You're all so immature!" Pururu yelled.

Kururu sighed.

"Sorry dear, I'll be more 'mature' from now on, ku ku ku ku!" Kururu said, Putting emphasis on Mature.

Everyone started screaming at eachother then. How did I get in such a mess? We didn't even notice the blue keronian with mechanical arms walk in until he glared at us and shouted,

"QUIET! Now, all you unfortunate excuses for Keronians better listen up. The previous officer in charge of dicipline just left on buisness. So, now you're stuck with me. So, prepare for the worst day of your life." He smirked. I'm so scared.... normally Giroro would be here to stick up for me...

"Especially you, Giroro. Hmph, your Brother would've let you off easy. It's dispicable that he would choose favourites. What a disgace. Personally I'm glad he left. Scum like you need to be whipped into shape."

Giroro started getting even angrier. How could he say something like that. Pururu was busy calming him down. I'm too scared to move.... Every second it's getting colder... my face is all swelled from the tears, and my illness is making it even worse.

"Ah..ah ACHOOO!" I let out a loud cough, and started sneezing like crazy. Everyone turned. Of all the times to notice me, why now?

"I won't have any back-talk soldier. 100 laps around the grounds. Now." Why? WHY? I can't take it. I can't. I want to cry. I'm out of tears. Giroro doesn't want to protect me anymore. I just want to go home. Mama would probably be furious. Papa too. I'd never hear the end of it from my little brother. Yes I got angry with him, but he had broken my music box! And now he takes every opportunity he can to get back at me.

I got up and went to the door, sniffling. I was never good at running. It was even colder outside. I started slowly walking. Even if they didn't care about me, I wanted to stick around within hearing range so I could make sure nothing bad happened to my friends.

"How could you do that, don't you know he's sick?" What did I just hear? Pururu! I perked up a bit. They did care after all! "It's true. First my family, now my friends, You've gone too far, I don't care if you are my superior!" Giroro? Oh my god, GIRORO-KUN! He, he wouldn't have said that! He never would go against a superior! I'm hearing things. It can't be true. But I want it to be so much!

"Geroo! Guys, sit down! It's not worth it!"

.... That's too much Keroro! Too much! I didn't care about my punishment. I'm just too sad. I can't think anymore. I went deep into  trauma. Why? Why do they all hate me? Why! Keroro-kun... you were the one that got me sick... you don't even care?

"A soldier should be able to conquer an entire enemy squadron. A few viruses are Nothing. But if he is sick, I doubt he made it far. Don't move. Any of you. There will be consequences."

I felt a sharp pain in my neck. I was picked off the ground. and dragged by the shoulder back into the room, where I was thrown against the wall.

"Shivava, Kururu, Tororo, Tamama. You will spend the rest of the day in your rooms. Do not come out under any circumstances until 0600 Hours tommorow. Consider yourself lucky. The rest of you just bought a ticket to hell."

Everything was muffled. It's hard to hear. My head hurts. I feel like I'm about to puke. I can't take it. Giroro, I need you! Please.... please...  I closed my eyes... I shouldn't sleep... I'll be in so much trouble... but I can't stay awake anymore... I closed my eyes and drifted into unconsiousness.

DIALOGUE. OH THE DIALOGUE. If I had a nickel for every time I said 'Said, Replied, Screamed, Ordered, or Asked' I'd be like Bill Gates. Except Female. And not as smart.

It was hard keeping the story moving and using Zeroro's POV. Usually when he's in Trauma Switch he doesn't pay attention to his surroundings. Ugh, now it's all out of character. I'm a failure

Also, you know how I said Kururu would cameo? Well I loved the idea so much, that I threw Tamama, Tororo, Shivava and Doruru in there as well! But I had to make Garuru leave for that to happen. Bye, Garuru, I'm sorry it's not you its me. I'm just too evil and you're too nice.

I said three parts, but I'm loving this story so much I'm extending it. I wanted a lot more than I planned. I'm changing a lot of what I thought would happen and squeezing a lot more into the middle. I planned to end this chapter with Giroro and Zeroro alone, but you should look forward to Chapter Five for that... I'm anticipating seven or eitght chapters... with a little extra romance story *winkwink*

So summary: Rivals! Rivals EVERYWHERE! Regular rivals, Love Rivals, Coworker rivals.

I'm not saying it was aliens, but it was aliens.

Bad summary is bad. They see me failing, they hating.

But as I said, it keeps getting more interesting... Don't worry, there will be more ROMANCE once we're done with the DRAMA.

Part 1 Is Here --> [link]
Part 2 is Here --> [link]
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ILoveGiroroGocho Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2013
You should write more chapters were giroro helps him he excepts zeroros feeling for him. :)
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Im going to. I just have a wee bit of a procrastination problem...
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Thanks! I've actually been procrastinating a lot on chapter 4 though... do you tihnk you can give me some Ideas? :D

Btw, itll be in Pururu's point of view this chapter!
Pokemonskycatty Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013  Student General Artist
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(btw this is awesome 8'3 *epic OTP fan moment XD*)
Idellechi Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2012  Student General Artist
It's k. :3
Sorry I should've checked up on the rules again. And yes, so many fun little cameos in this chapter. I LOVED WRITING THE KURUGIRO MOMENT SOOO MUCH!
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