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May I present.... the amazing KG Written Meme! Created by Toppazz

This is a meme where you list ten people from Keroro Gunso—you can list Pokopenians instead of some Keronians if you please—and answer the scenarios below accordingly. You can even put in OCs if you please. Try not to peek at the scenarios before listing your characters, though. It takes away the fun.~

Let's start by listing ten Keroro Gunso characters.

1. Tororo
2. Kururu
3. Dororo
4. Giroro
5. Garuru
6. Koyuki
7. Joriri
8. Unini
9. Zoruru
10. Kyokuku

Now, we have fun with the random scenarios.

- 7 disappears for over a month.
"You know they say dissapearing means to eat two flavors of ramen at the same time and liking it" -Joriri's Memorable Quotes, Volume 7.

- 5 and 3 are left alone in a plain white room.
Aww, well at least he's with Koyuki... so he's not too lonely....
-Trauma Switch Activate-
Ah crud, gotta go.

- 9 admits their love for 2.
Oh god I can't even think of a scenario for this... Crack Pairing win xD

- 1 goes out for the night and gets hopelessly lost, with no one but the shadows around.
-Starts freaking out, and then they hear a familiar laugh-
(Im soo evil T.T)

- 4 dies of a horrible cause.
(Natsumi is just soooo evil.... Im scared of her)

- 6 begins spreading rumors that they and 10 are dating.
Okay that's just crazy crack right there. xD
Kyokuku: What... the flying frog....
-Turns on completely emo song and goes all tsundere-

- 8 invites 2 to spend the night at their place.
Kururu picks up the phone (Spice is the ringtone btw xD)
"Sup yo? Was wondering if you'd come over to my place"
"Kuku, why should I hang out with you?"
"Umm... I kinda broke dot-chan again, and 12 is out of town ^^;"
"Go get tororo to do it, you think he's soo much cooler than me. Kukuku."
"Not true yo, you can be.. uhh.. kinda, sadistic at times but I don't judge!"
"Kukuku, Yeah, you're right. I'm a lot better than him anyways~"
-Call disconected because of haywire Uni* Punching everything. Except her lizard which she's completely facinated with. She can stare at that thing all freaking day. It must mess up her sensors or something-

- 5 gets caught by 7 doing something they aren't supposed to be doing.
-Back in ChibiKero time-
-Garuru is making a move on Pururu. Oh yes I went there. GARUPURU 4eva dudes-
"You kow, they say romance often leads to broken lungs, and a giant nurse needle to fix it." (Joriri Memorable Quotes, volume 23)
And little did they know, that Joriri's words were true.


- 9 runs away from home.
"I can't believe that Zeroro..... he tried to sell me to space pirates! I never touched his music box- it was keroro! I'll get revenge, on both of them! I swear!"
(Based of some awesome headcanon I read that Zoruru is Dororo's little bro that he sold off to space pirates (english dub) so yeah )

- 3 performs a dance for the others.
Op~ Op~ Op Op, Oppa Gangnam Style~!
-Elevator scene with Keroro. Why am I so evil....-
Everyone else: o.o what the frog did I just watch?

- 1 accidentally sets the house aflame, and gets trapped inside, alone, with the house crumbling around them.
Damnit why did I pick toro-chan as 1.... T.T
-goes all emo and tsundere. Wonder where kyo got it from?-

- 8 gets locked in a freezer by 4.
"Not cool dude! wait... okay yeah maybe it's cool but not that kind of cool!"

- 2 walks in on a love session between 9 and 6.
"Kukuku.... I'm telling Dororo~"

- 10 engages in an intense battle with 7.
"You [censored], just shut up with the nonsense and tell me where everyone else went! (Fear of being alone, wonder where she got that too? -forever alone (With a bunch of cats/dogs/lizards/bunnies/tarantulas/spacefrogs) -

- 5 gets captured by Vipers.
"I'm a first luteniant of the Keron force, you think you can get away with this? My platoon is on their way."

- 1 and 3 somehow end up locked together via a pair of handcuffs with no key.
"By 'Somehow' you must mean me, kukukuku!"
"Damnit old man you better let me out now, this is NOT funny! His invisibility will spread!"
"Why is it always me -trauma switch-"

- 9 begins to dress and act like the opposite gender.
"Hey, do you guys know where I can get a dress that's half-metal? Oh and make sure it has matching shoes."

- 4 gets viciously furious with 7. (You can decide why X3)
(This is kinda a repeat xD)

- 6 turns dark.

- Everyone gets caught in a plane crash and end up on a deserted island. 1 suffers from a concussion. 6 and 10 are unable to walk. 3 begins to lose their mind in panic. 8 wanders off. 4 is nowhere to be found. 2 faints from heat. 7 is momentarily traumatized from the impact. 10 can't seem to focus. 5 and 9 have to find supplies to help the others survive.
Koyuki can't walk so Dororo goes completely trauma-switch insane, Unini goes to look for some shelter/food, Garuru and Zoruru follow him, taking charge and making sure they bring their platoon (And a few stowaways) back home safely, Tororo, although holding his head and dizzy is laughing his tail off at Kururu, Kyokuku is lying on her side, fiddling with her remote and just hitting random buttons and switching through songs, not able to get 30 seconds in, and Joriri is in a trance, yet I managed to use the soul diver and what I found is all in Joriri Memorable Quotes volume 219.

That.... was just epic to write. Ah, being narrator here is a pain. Im gunna go get some food- ah crud Im stuck on an island, amnt I?


Create scenarios for the following pairings:
1 and 5 (Lol ToroGaru that's a first.) Something happened on a mission, and well accidental thing happens and then they fall in love the end. Im not too creative on sick days.
3 and 9 (OMG TOTAL CRACK xD) Umm, well I guess it would start off with a bromance "Im sorry" fest and lots of hugging and crying.
2 and 7 (And I though 3x9 was crack..... Im clueless to this )
10 and 6 Koyuki is such an awesome person that she goes to comfort Kyokuku.... Again lots of hugging and crying.
4 and 8 (After the refrigerator incident) "Umm, well I guess I'm sorry.... Just lost my temper and stuff" "again, it's cool yo.... literally, but can you make a campfire now?"

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